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Executive Coaching has become more and more popular in recent years. Most coaching services focus on the soft skills –helping executives enhance their strategic skills, leadership abilities, and people management skills.

However, many non-financial executives are responsible for the profitability of their business and do not have the financial acumen necessary to give them a comfort level in reading their financial reports. Our team of highly qualified financial professionals will provide Executive Financial Coaching services to senior executives to assist them in developing the financial skills they need most.

Our Executive Financial Coaching service begun with a strong demand from a multinational corporation. An senior executive was being considered for a role which required strong financial accumen. The executive hired Knowledge Plus to help them develop the skills needed to manage their new department.

Our coaches are all highly educated, very experienced, and have backgrounds in numerous industries. They are all industry pratitioners, having held senior finance roles in respected organizations. In addition, many of our coaches teach at universities or professional industry associations.



Financial Coaching

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