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Our consulting division has a team of consultants available to meet your project goals. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Finance and accounting projects
  • Profitability analysis
  • Project management
  • Financial services industry
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Financing / lending projects
  • Risk assessments and risk management
  • IFRS consulting
    (International Financial Reporting Standards)

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Organizations we have consulted for include:

  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • RBC Financial Group
  • ING Direct
  • Office of Superintendents of Financial Institutions (OSFI)
  • Key Bank
  • Government of Canada
  • Risk Management Association
  • Transamerica Life
  • IBM
  • Society of Management Accountants
  • Certified General Accountants of Canada
  • Humber College Financial Services

Our consultants are all highly educated, very experienced, and have backgrounds in numerous industries. Many of our consultants teach at universities and professional industry associations. We bring best practices to our client organizations.

Whether it relates to identifying and enhancing profitability, streamlining costs or operations, managing a critical project, or managing ongoing planning and reporting duties, we get the job done effectively.

Depending on the nature of the mandate, we take various approaches to the project. We can work independently or with representatives from the client organization, and we can work on or off-site. We can work on a full-time basis for a few months until the project is complete or we can work on a very flexible part-time basis, as required by the project. We are the extra financial resources you can count on when you don't have enough in-house resources or when your current staff lacks the expertise to complete a critical project. In essence, we’re your finance department on call.

Some of our consulting mandates have included developing a computer system which reports business line profitability on a monthly basis, identifying costs and profitability related to servicing different customers and through different distribution channels, project managing the implementation of a new system to identify audit risk and develop appropriate plans to control audit risk, and forecasting expenses and developing budgets for new divisions or start-up companies.


Business Financial Consulting

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